Security, Comfort, and Convenience in West Lake

3670 Bay Point Drive  Martinez, GA 30907


When asked to describe his community and neighborhood, the current owner shared the following thoughts:

“When I think of life in The Courtyards of Westlake, there are three words that come to mind: security, comfort, and convenience.

West Lake was the first gated community in the area, and is the only residential community that employs its own security force.  If there is a problem, one does not have to wait for the County Sheriff’s Office to respond, West Lake’s security is right on site and able to respond immediately.  They not only patrol the neighborhood to assure safety, but if you are going to be out of town, at your request, they will drive by your house multiple times each day and even try the doors to be sure that they are locked.  You can have your home security system monitored at the front gate, so if it is tripped, West Lake’s security can arrive immediately to sort out the problem.

Although West Lake is located in an upper middle-class enclave of neighborhoods with the lowest crime rate in the area, it is nice to know that you and your children are doubly protected by living in The Courtyards at West Lake.  Given all of the problems in the world today, the security of knowing that you or your children can be out and about at any time of day or night, and be protected and safe, is a priceless feature.

The term comfort is one that I associate with living in The Courtyards at Westlake.  Although the lot sizes are designed to be manageable, all of the properties are fenced and surrounded by mature trees and other plantings, leading to a feeling of privacy.  It is an extremely quiet neighborhood.  Stop and listen.  You will probably only hear the birds singing.  The Courtyards is the only community within a community in West Lake, which fosters a sense of common purpose, and leads to some of the best neighbors one can ever find.  I can attest to the interest and willingness to help if you have any difficulties.  Neighbors have helped drive elderly members of my family to doctor’s appointments, volunteered to go to the supermarket and deliver groceries to us, and just made themselves available in any way to help, if needed.  This is a ‘neighborhood’ in the most real sense of the word.

Finally, I don’t think that there is a more convenient place to live than The Courtyards at Westlake.  There is a clubhouse in West Lake that contains state-of-the-art exercise equipment, so that you can either exercise for your health or just to lose a few extra pounds.  The Clubhouse area also contains a swimming pool and tennis courts.  In the Clubhouse itself, there is an excellent restaurant with meals ranging from pub fare to fine dining.  They are particularly known for their Sunday brunches and luncheon buffets.  Several nights each week in the Clubhouse Lounge, there is live music and dancing.  Of course, there is also the excellent West Lake golf course, which has hosted both regional and national tournaments.  Without leaving West Lake, most of your recreational needs can be met.

If you go out of the Fury’s Ferry Road entrance to West Lake, within a two mile radius you have three major grocery stores, restaurants, doctors and dentists offices, three different banks, and retail shopping.  Oh yes, less than three miles away is a fire station and ambulance service, so in the case of an emergency, there will be a rapid response (and this proximity will also lower your home insurance rates).

If you go out of the Stevens Creek Road entrance to West Lake, you are within two miles of the Savannah River Rapids, with boating on the Savannah River, walking and biking trails, and forests to be explored.  If you have dogs, this will quickly become one of your favorite spots to bring them to play, of course if you are not too busy yourself playing in this great recreational area.

Finally, West Lake is approximately three miles from the Riverwatch Expressway, which provides the quickest and best access to downtown Augusta, as well as very easy access to Interstate 20.  You are also only four miles from the Columbia County Government Center, so that with a quick trip, you can take care of all of your administrative needs.

So there it is, security, comfort and convenience.  If this is what you are looking for, then look no further than The Courtyards at West Lake.”

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