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Moving into a new house is an exciting new beginning. However, it can also be an extremely stressful time. Broken items, lost belongings, and time restraints are all common concerns during a move. Challenge yourself to stay organized, cost efficient, time conscious, and in control during your big move. Here’s how!

Moving Tips by Sell It JimStart Early

One of the best things you can do to conquer moving day stress is get an early start. Now is the time to create your packing timeline, goals, and checklist. 

Also, start gathering moving supplies, such as boxes, tape, markers, packaging filler, trash bags, and plastic wrap.

Packing extra linens, rarely used dishes, seasonal items, entertainment items (DVDs, games. etc.), tools, and sports equipment will take work off your shoulders as the day approaches. Of course, you will not be able to pack everything, but getting a few boxes out of the way will make a huge difference.


As you are approaching the move-in, it may be time to consider simplifying your life a little bit. Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in a year or have books that you will not read again? This is great time to get rid of all these items cluttering your space.

Instead of packing things you do not need or use, consider donating or selling. Create a box for charity and a box for sale. Some local charities may even come to your location and pick up your donations. However, moving is expensive, so you may also want to consider selling items that still have value online or at a yard sale. The goal is to avoid packing unnecessary things.


Organization should be a top priority in the battle against the chaos on moving day. As you pack carefully label each box with the assigned room, contents, priority for unpacking, and other helpful notes. A great way to make it easy to identify its location in the new house is assigning each room a color. For instance, everything that is kitchen related, which is assigned the color red, should be packed in a box with red tape and the marker used to label contents should be red. The box should also be stored with all other red designated boxes. This may take 30 extra seconds, but it will make the unloading process incredibly quick.


Finally, pack an overnight bag. A moving day of packing and unloading can wear you out. In case, you are unable to unload all the boxes the same day, which is likely, having an overnight bag will guarantee that you will have everything you need to have a comfortable first night in your new home. Also, pick out a restaurant nearby that does take-out or delivers in case you don’t feel like cooking or eating out.


  • Use styrofoam plates to separate plates.
  • Pack heavy items such as books in a rolling suitcase.
  • Find free, sturdy boxes at supermarkets and restaurants.
  • Use pages from a phonebook, linens, and newspapers to pack fragile items.
  • Use wasted space inside pots, pans, and bowls to pack small items such as spices.
  • Cover your hanging clothes with a yard-sized garbage bag to keep them clean and wrinkle-free.
  • Wrap items that have drawers or moving parts (ie dresser or silverware tray) with plastic wrap  to keep everything stationary.

Let us know if these tips and tricks were helpful for you! 

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