How to Choose a Listing Agent

With 1.3 million members in the National Association of Realtors, choosing a real estate agent to entrust with listing your home may seem overwhelming. Although, choosing an agent requires careful consideration, a little preparation and research in the beginning will help you confidently decide.

How to Choose a Listing Agent by Sell It JimOne of the best ways to discover which agents are active in your area is to look for signs in your neighborhood. These will usually be agents that are familiar with the area. Choosing an agent that is knowledgeable in your area will benefit both parties. Also, speaking with friends, neighbors, and family about their experiences with agents you are considering can be a great resource.

Once you have reviewed your options, narrow your listing agent candidates to your three top choices. Next, set up a consultation to interview each candidate. This will be a chance to review their qualifications. Good topics to discuss during your interview are: marketing strategy, area expertise, and success stories. Remember, both the agent and the company work together, so keep that in mind during your interview. You may want to establish what the values and reputation of the company are before signing a contract. A few other questions you may wish to ask:

  • Do you work alone or a part of a team? 
  • What is your commission? 
  • Can you provide me with references and/or testimonials?

If you are still unsure about an agent, considering other options or follow up interviews may be a better route. If you are ready to make your final decision keep these last few tips in mind.

Avoid choosing an agent based solely on:

  • Lowest commission
  • Recommendation from friend or family member
  • Because they are a friend or family member

When you sign the contract, make sure you clearly establish a preferred line of communication with your agent. Some home sellers prefer a weekly report, and some do not wish to be bothered until the home is being shown. It is your preference.

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